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Sandy's Burger Stand Interactive Kiosk

The goal of this project was to create a hypothetical touchscreen interface for the famous Sandy's burger stand on Barton Springs Rd. We were to make sure everything is as intuitive as possible and easy to use in order to maximize orders and make sure you don't get yelled at by any old Hispanic ladies at the window, and also very importantly give Sandy's an updated look. We were given an ordering sequence that goes as follows:

-order 1 hamburger with everything on it, no extras
-order 1 side of homemade fries
-order 1 large custard milkshake
-edit : take off onions & add mushrooms

click here to view the full sized PDF


Craigslist "redesign" prototype

We've all been to Craigslist.org and know how nice it is to sell or buy something. Its known for that but it's also notorious for being quite cluttered and quite basic. Our assignment was to hypothetically rebrand Craigslist and set up a new user friendly interface for its website. We had to keep all the features of it such as search and post to classifieds as well as an event calendar etc. The site is up and running but again its hypothetical so there is only one item up for sale and the search fields don't actually work. Check it out at http://myweb.stedwards.edu/rmacias/craig/craighome1.html


How GPS Works - Concept Map

A concept map of how GPS is used to find your location on Earth
I hope you dont get lost
printed at 22" x 36"


History of Graphic Design Art Deco Presentation

For our History of Graphic Design class we were assigned a movement in graphic design and I was assigned Art Deco. The presentation was about 40 minutes long.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

A drawing that I did of one of John Tenniel's illustrations in Alice in Wonderland. I scanned it in and colored it in Corel Painter X


Image Analysis: Ford Ad

Our assignment was to find a piece of contemporary graphic design and analyze it. We were to show all the design movements we could in it which we learned over the course of the semester.


Assuming the Worst Book

This is a book assignment for my graphic design 3 class. The assignment was to take pictures of a very specific area of the eastside of Austin, TX. We were then to create a concept based off of what we thought about it. From my concept of "Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder", I created this book. To portray the concept I physically applied it to the pages. The 1st half is black with a metallic paper. The black grainy images portray a person seeing the eastside for the first time. The metallic paper shows that it can still look appealing to someone who lives there because it is their home. The 2nd half is an interview that I conducted of a friend of mine and his mother who have lived on the eastside of Austin for over 60 years combined. The images get more and more colorful from beginning to end. I also used transparencies throughout the book to further prove my point.


Hungry Dog Cafe Identity

A hypothetical cafe that I made up.